WIP Wednesday / 7th April 2020

Firstly before we get into this weeks WIP Wednesday, my DSLR is dead and I don’t think I brought the charger when we moved in with my sister with all the lockdowns. I’ll see if we can pop home and find it before the next one because oh dear can you tell these photo’s were taken with my iPad. Anyway onto the show!

Wow I feel like this week I’ve been bitten by the cross stitch bug above and beyond what I was expecting. I’ve been looking at so many amazing projects on Instagram that they are making me want to stitch all the things and I defiantly want to do stitch may-nia which you can probably already guess at because yes I have some more stash to show you.

This week additions to my stash include much needed linen outside of my default 32ct, so I got an off white and then a lovely handdyed dark one. Now when it comes to the patterns firstly I have an ongoing shopping list within Peakside Needleworks cart, where I add the next couple of patterns I want, which this time happened to be Pumpkin Spice Farm (there was only 1 left so I HAD to have it) and Winter in Baltimore because I love the idea of the oval box, though I do think finding one over here is going to be difficult. I’ve had a hunt and I think my best bet will be stitching up the pattern and then just buying a load of random boxes close to the size given and see which one fits better.

Now my little cart was awaiting the next pattern to be put up from the needlework expo which just happened to be I Love You To Death and I clicked onto order before I could even think about it. I love love love this pattern and cannot wait to stitch it up to death. It’s going to be the most perfect pattern to go up on our hallway art wall.

Now onto my WIP’s, thankfully at the moment, I don’t have to many and I finished one WIP from last week was the Hearts and Bunnies.

My first WIP is a new one, this is “Keeper of the Pins” by Little House Needleworks and I started this over the Easter weekend as I’d been chomping on the bit. I started it on my French country mocha linen as a starter but just didn’t like it so now it’s on French Country Latte and I feel much happier about it. I’m actually hoping to have this one finished really soon as it’s such a treat stitching up.

My next WIP is this cutie, stitched 1 over 1 and its an additional pattern which came with Oh Bee Hive, I knew I wanted to stitch one up at least and was tempted to have a go at a smaller scale. I stopped stitching this after a while because you would never believe how many times I had to re-do the blue border to the left, I think I spent 2 whole days doing it and removing it. Boy was I having some difficulties.

Maybe I’ll pick it up again this week but I’m unsure.

I’ve still got my Oh Bee Hive and Scary Apothecary as WIP’s, I’ve just done nothing on them, though my Pumpkin thread has arrived for Oh Bee Hive and I’ve ordered more linen from Crafty Kitten which is going to take months to get here, so at least I’ve got a while to finish off the Cauldron Cleaner and decide on how I want to finish them.

So that’s it for now, I expect in the coming weeks that I’m going to get a lot more WIP’s on the go if I cannot wait for Stitch May-nia as I’ve just bought the linen and threads for 11 patterns. I did have some difficulty finding some of the called for threads for the patterns above and the ones I’m wanting to stitch next which is annoying but I’m hoping I might be able to substitute them ok and if not I’ll just stitch till a point when I need the threads and then put it aside till I can get my hands on them.

Right onto putting all my threads into an excel sheet so I can start being more organised! Wish me luck!


Rabbits and Hearts – FO

Can we discuss how beautiful this freebie from Whilst Iris Naps is please? It is just a beauty and was so quick to stitch up and I loved every last minute. I didn’t use the called for thread and just used what I had in stash but think it can out perfectly.

Linen is 32ct Vintage Sky Blue/Vintage Blue Whisper linen from Peakside Needleworks

The bunnies from left to right are Classic Colourworks, Hickory Sticks, Weeks Dye Works, Hazelnut and Classic Colourworks Cocoa Bean.

Bunny Tails is Classic Colourworks, Bamboo

Background hearts are, Classic Colourworks Sunkissed (the lighter pink) and Ladybug (the darker pink).

Now just to decide on how to finish it, I’d love to do a mini cushion but unsure on whether I should do white pompoms or ric rac so awaiting for both and will decide on when they come.

Overall just a lovely pattern and really excited to so another one, maybe the carrots or even the words next…

Hello April

This is exciting, my first month of ideas and generally what’s who’s where’s how’s, wooop, I have so so many ideas going around my head of what I want to cross stitch and then how I want to finish that I’d better get a move on.

Now in the first instance I am getting to the point where I am going to have to stop going “want want want” with designs as I don’t think my bank account could handle much more but also it’s looking like we’ll be out of lockdown here soon (Isle of Man) so I just won’t have the time to stitch everything either. We’ll see how it goes though as there are still a few patterns I want, as always.

Onto my plans, I’ve just finished of my Whilst Iris Naps, Bunny Freebie (expect a post soon) so I am completely clear to start something new, I’m thinking of doing the following;

Cauldron Cleaner - Scary Apothecary part  6

First off I’d like to get my Cauldron Cleaner finished and then maybe start on actually FFO’ing it, I’d really like to make them a banner so will look at what I can do, to get to that point, even if I just buy the items to finish it such as ric rac etc it would be ace. I’ve also got enough thread I think for two more so will need to make an order with Crafty Kitten, which will take a while but if I do it now at least I know I’ll get it sooner rather than later.

Oh Bee Hive

Next up on the already started and must finish is my Oh Bee Hive, I actually got my pumpkin pie thread in the post today (and a couple of extra colours on a whim) so can finish this beauty. I also got the yellow ric rac so I’m hoping that I can actually FFO this one, will just need to decide on backing fabric, obviously thinking bee’s and then await till the right time to give it to the recipient. I’m also really pondering making myself one but it will need to be in 40ct because it was LARGE.

Keeper of the Pins

Next up is Keeper of Pins, I was discussing fabric options with my sister so we’ve decided on a dark linen but I think it will be lovely, I’ve also got it in my head that a nice tartan would be good so will be on the lookout. As it was a pack, I’ve got all the linen required for this, so it should be an easy stitch up.

So this one is a freebie from Hands on Design but as soon as I seen it I knew I’d have to stitch it up. I’m still unsure on what background to do as I’ve also seen it been done really nicely on a blue linen…..choices choices….. I have got the threads in stock apart from the yellow and the most perfect backing fabric and enough yellow ric rac to finish it off, so expect this one to be done this month.

Merry Ewe : Jack's Sweet Shoppe

Now I’d really like to have a go at this one, even if I don’t finish it as I’d like to make sure the colours are perfect. I think I have a few that would work and well it’s just a beauty of a pattern.

Winter in Baltimore

Lastly if I have time I’d really like to do this one, I bought this on a whim and glad I did as I love the whole collection of them but Christmas has a small space in my heart and I’ve got it in my little head that we might be back home for Christmas so it might be nice to start making decorations to put up…… I don’t think I have any of the called for fabrics, and I’d really want to get the red because it looks lovely, will wait for the pattern to arrive (hopefully soon, bought it a few days ago) and then go from there.

Overall I don’t think that’s too much for my first month, I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes especially as we’re still in lockdown so I have the time to stitch and stuff. I do know once we’re out of lockdown my stitching time will go way down so trying to get a lot in whilst I can.

I wonder how everyone else does this, do you just decide as and when, or do you go in with a plan??

I’m also quite interested in Stitch May-Nia next month, will see if there are any inklings that it’s going ahead this year and if it is, might have to buy some threads in just to have a go at it.

Hello Again – My first WIP Wednesday

“Guess who’s back, back again, Nessy is back, Tell a friend.”

Oh wow, seriously where did time go, looks like I haven’t done anything here in years (ok I haven’t but you get that) and well I’ve got my cross stitch mojo back so I’m back yay!

I’d do the normal “so this is what’s happened since I’ve been gone” spiel but seriously is there any point? We’ve all had a crap 2020 and especially so with my baby boy Joey breaking his back and having to have emergency surgery in England, yep that was something. Also to clarify Joey is my dog but he’s my baby.

Now onto the cross stitch, my mojo is back, yay! This means I’ve been working on loads of items and buying lots of patterns, ekkkkk!

So firstly my little haul of patterns, so far, yes I have bought more but what do you expect when we recently had the Expo patterns come out and well I am so in love at the moment with cross stitch (maybe it’s the honeymoon period) that I know I’ll be stitching them up.

So the Oh Bee Hive pattern from Hands on Design is discussed below (already started that beauty), I couldn’t help but buy the Merry Ewe. My first love will always be yarn and sheep are basically my spirit animal so when I seen this I knew I was going to have to stitch it up. Thinking of changing a few of the colours, we’ll see!

The Little House Needleworks was bought because a) that pattern has a cute house on it and strawberries! and b) it’s almost a complete kit and I love these. They help me acquire stash and cute pattern all in one.

The Mani Di Donna is a new to me designer, I’ve sadly not heard of them before but this pattern sneaked in my cart at last minute and I’m glad it did, the pattern is perfect. Just unsure on the called for threads. It’s asking for Sulky Threads Cotton Petites and I’ve never heard of them either. So I’m thinking of changing the colours to what I have on hand. I might buy a couple of others mainly WDW/CC/GAST but I don’t think I’ll be buying the called for threads as haven’t seen a pattern which would use them.

Now onto what I’ve been up to wooooop.

I finished my first banner for Hands on Design, Scary Apothecary, Spider Legs and I am in love, so much love. I changed up the colours quite a bit and once I’ve done an FFO (Final finished object), I’ll put them all down. I have no idea how to finish them off yet but I would really love to do the whole set and have them as a banner in front of my fire place or even where ever I decide to stash all my cross stitch finishes. Oh my plans are grand that’s for sure.

So with the finish of the first banner, I went straight into my next one, I decided to do the Cauldron Cleaner. I’m surprised at how much I’ve managed to do of this one already. I’m such a slow stitcher that to have so much done in the space of less than a week is amazing!

I’m at the point with this set that if I want to continue on I’m going to have to a) buy more linen from Crafty Kitten and b) by more threads as I’ve almost finished the orange off!

My next start is this beauty, this is what got me back into cross stitch without even meaning to. A lady at work is leaving in May and she’s been at our place for quite a while and has helped me so much as I’m learning all the new things I need to (Being a Planner is hard people!) and well, I’m me, so I started to wonder whether I should make her something “small” as a leaving present. Went online and by chance decided to look at Peakside Needleworks and seen this and knew instantly that I needed it! So yeahhhhh bought it and started stitching it up straight away. Turns out it’s a lot bigger than I ever thought it would be, so hoping that she will love it fingers crossed.

Managed to get into a wee little snag thought, unbeknown to me as I’ve been away so long, that there is a linen and thread shortage, um oh dear! This has meant that I’ve not been able to get GAST Pumpkin Pie thread. I’ve bought three other threads thinking they would match but they don’t quite give the dazzle and razzle that I want. I think I’ve finally found somewhere in the UK that sells the colour (bought 2 just encase) so I’ve got my fingers crossed it’s an actually place as I’ve never heard of them before.

My last stitch is this cutie! This is a free pattern from Whilst Iris Sleeps and oh my, so with getting my mojo back I re-started my instagram up because everyone needs an enable and I love seeing everyones stitches. Motivates me to want to do more! Anyway this cutie popped up on my feed a few times and I knew I had to stitch it. I didn’t use the called for colours but think so far it’s perfect!

I’m hoping to have this finished today, yes today, so I can start on my next project. Then it will be deciding how to finish it off. I’m really wanting to make it into a mini cushion but I’ve never made one before (can you believe that with my last foray into cross stitching, I never actually FFO’ed anything. Just stitched stuff up lol). I just cannot decide on whether I want to do pom poms or ric rac. I might end up buying both and just seeing how I feel and if I don’t use one I can always store it for the next FFO.

That moves me onto tomorrow, which is April! Jesus already, wow. So I’m really wanting to do a WIP Wednesday as long as I have something to show, just as a weekly catch up. Might even put some other stuff in it but I’m also wanting to do a monthly post with aims ect, so with that, this post is done for now.

I’d love to know what anyone else is doing and if you have any tips for doing FFO’s!!

Colour and Cotton Club – July

Yay my Colour and Cotton Club is here. I get both the threads and the Linen because how lovely are those colour s right there!!

First the threads


Earth Day

African Violet

Fairy Ring


Now the Linen oh I love this Linen, it's lovely shades of pale blue and lilac. This is my first month of getting the Linen and it's seriously wowed me. It's 40ct so should do a couple of projects and I got the 13×18 size so that if something does come up I should have a big enough size.

Belated Birthday treats

Hey so I finally got myself a couple of belated birthday gifts from Patchwork Rabbit!

I got myself Scary Mouse to stitch up for my sisters for Christmas but have gone with a different idea now so will be starting to save to get stuff for this as it's so cute! Though I think it might be a while before I do 40ct again so decking small!

The second patten I got is a Lizzie Kate Ltd Cushion. I kinda have a thing for these and already stitched up one but have to still make it into said Cushion! This was bought because as an extra treat I subbed myself the Christmas Mystery sampler and I'm getting everything, so in excitement I bought this cushion. I don't know when I'll stitch it, guess it will be when I get the treats. I'm excited to see/hear more on the mystery sampler though!!

It’s a wrap – July & August Goals

Golly it seems I really didn't get enough spare time to cross stitch this month, I blame that on the two weeks I spent making my dad a pair of socks!

Anyway July actually was a great month! I finally finished Part one of Frosty Forest and I made super head way on my Prancing Pony and the had the new start of my Vintage Cushion. What's not to like about that?!? I also made up the World of Cross Stitching Birthday card that came free with the most recent mag for my dentist. I think he was rather shy about it!

So August I have big plans for you, no wait MASSIVE plans for you!!! Next weekend I'm going away with my sister to Festival of Quilts and this time it's going to be amazing as I won't be in a wheelchair getting hit by everyone's backpacks, seriously people the bruises I came out with!!! Anyho, yep FOQ, I've already started a shopping list of things I'd like to get and of cause there will be Vegan food and Japanese treats abound. Looking forward to telling you all about it. Just unsure on what to take with me. I know I'll be taking an EPP project, just need to decide on whether to take a current cross stitch project or make up a new one, especially as we have a 3 hour boat trip and a train from Liverpool to Birmingham, and vice versa on the way back. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Goals for August are very simple I'd really like to get the second part of Frosty Forest done and make headway on the third. I'd also like to continue with Prancing Pony and either finish of her tail or her head or magically both……..or not! I'd also like to finish one block on my Vintage Cushion at least.

I would also like to start 1 new start. What I am unsure of but I think if I continue on one new start a month, maybe just maybe I might start getting through my one day maybe I'll do them all pile. I've been considering getting up the supplies to start an ornament a month next year so will hopefully start writing up lists of what I need.

So what at your plans Stitchy or not for August? Will I see you at FOQ?

I’m back, back again – update

Hey so yeah, hello again!! I have no idea what happened but I do know now that I remember this little place I'm wanting to use it more. I find you cannot say enough on Instagram (and I hate hate hate trying to remember all the hashtags!) and I did try flosstubing but I just felt so silly talking to nothing, maybe one day I will re-start, maybe as a New Years resolution. We shall see.

So since we've last talked I've done a lot and the I haven't done a lot. I've worked on Prancing Pony when I get around to it but she's starting to become a desk job so I can work on her beading. I am really wanting to make the effort and have her finished by the end of September/early October as I'm away to the other half's parents and I would like to make the effort of getting my sisters Christmas presents done, you know on time lol.

I finished part 1 of Frosty Forest and loved every minute of it, I've moved straight onto the next one which is the deers to the right. Still very glad I autoshipped this!

I finished shed three card kits from the magazines I get on Subscription with the hedgehog coming from the most recent The World of Cross Stitching. I really love getting these monthly and think I will continue to if I find a good deal again. I'm hoping to give the hedgehog to my dentist for his birthday on Monday.

I started Just Big Enough for Love that's all. Currently lost steam as using a bigger sized linen that I'd like and even though it looks super pretty it's sucking up thread like no tomorrow. I'm already on my second WDW background thread and think I'd need a couple of more to finish it! On a plus point once this is finished I know it's instantly going in a frame (once I find one I'm happy with) and I'll be starting another one. Maybe a Christmas themed or Halloween themed or both so I can change them around as this is going to sit on our mantle not on a wall.

I also started this Vintage Style Cushion from The World of Cross Stitching. I'm pretty much in love with everything "granny chic" so it was a must for me to stitch, to be honest I thought I would be Stitching Wallace and Gromet first but I still cannot decide on background fabric!

So I think that's it! I've gotten lost of haul but think that's a post for another day and time. Though I have been thinking about having a master stash page on here of all my "pending" patterns as I'm really wanting to get a system up and running. So expect some heavy hitting info soon!

Hello June

Oh hello there June, you’ve sprung up on me very quickly. I seem to wonder where has all the time gone! This is one of my favorite months what with it being the TT races now and then my birthday later on, what more could you ask for.

Last month I managed to finally finish my Apple Picking and I’m hoping to get a few finishes this month. I am hoping to actually start getting a rota or something of that sort into place so that I know what I’m working on when, especially as I have a few big projects in the pipeline.

So this month I’m planning to,

Continue with last months Frosty Forest and start/finish this months Frosty Forest.

Start making progress on my “Hill House” I bought all the specialist threads so should be able to make decent headway.

Hopefully actually get more of my Pracing Pony done. Since I bought the bigger frame and decided to do the beading as I go this has started to take ages. It’s the first time I have used beads and metallic thread and I really super duper love the effect it’s giving, it just bloody takes ages!!

I would also like to do some more on my Traveling Stitcher, I’ve started to draw up the bag I want to make to go with it so it would be really nice to call this one a finish!

I’ve also started two different cards last month, both were free gifts from The world of Cross Stitching and Cross Stitch Crazy. The hedgehog shown above and a rose. I’m hoping to get a little collection of already made cards to use for birthdays/ thank you’s.

Not photo’d is my Pokémon cross stitch, which I have made no progress over which makes me feel sad. I really need to set up the lounge better so I actually want to do some. The frame is so big and clunky I just don’t know most days!

I would also like to start kitting up my other projects so that I have a few ready to go.

So yeah that’s it at the moment, I am wanting to get a more streamlined rota going so I know what’s where, we shall see.

Right onto Stitching!!

Traveling Stitcher to Liverpool

Well just got back from a day tip to Liverpool and decided to take my cross stitch with me, sadly I managed to leave my current WIPs at work with my q-snap frame and thought that it would be the perfect time to bring out my Traveling Stitcher by Little House Needleworks. I bought it because a) seriously how cute is that pattern and b) because I got seven “free” Classic  Colorworks threads (Tufted Yellow, Ladybug, Brandied Pears, Cocoa Bean, Cobbled Peach, Bean Sprout, Peanut Brittle) which I always need. I also bought two other colours to make the houses more me but for the life of me cannot remember what and I’m too tired to move! So will put that in an update sometime. Fabric is lemon sorbet by crafty kitten as always!!

In other news Liverpool was great bought my weight in Hotel Chocolate as always, ate loads of Vegan food (my sister is Vegan and I try to keep the same while on holiday makes it easier for everyone!) and I managed to throw up my pizza on the boat back as it was so rough. Ahhhh well it’s a small price to pay for living in the best place ever.