Hello June

Oh hello there June, you’ve sprung up on me very quickly. I seem to wonder where has all the time gone! This is one of my favorite months what with it being the TT races now and then my birthday later on, what more could you ask for.

Last month I managed to finally finish my Apple Picking and I’m hoping to get a few finishes this month. I am hoping to actually start getting a rota or something of that sort into place so that I know what I’m working on when, especially as I have a few big projects in the pipeline.

So this month I’m planning to,

Continue with last months Frosty Forest and start/finish this months Frosty Forest.

Start making progress on my “Hill House” I bought all the specialist threads so should be able to make decent headway.

Hopefully actually get more of my Pracing Pony done. Since I bought the bigger frame and decided to do the beading as I go this has started to take ages. It’s the first time I have used beads and metallic thread and I really super duper love the effect it’s giving, it just bloody takes ages!!

I would also like to do some more on my Traveling Stitcher, I’ve started to draw up the bag I want to make to go with it so it would be really nice to call this one a finish!

I’ve also started two different cards last month, both were free gifts from The world of Cross Stitching and Cross Stitch Crazy. The hedgehog shown above and a rose. I’m hoping to get a little collection of already made cards to use for birthdays/ thank you’s.

Not photo’d is my Pokémon cross stitch, which I have made no progress over which makes me feel sad. I really need to set up the lounge better so I actually want to do some. The frame is so big and clunky I just don’t know most days!

I would also like to start kitting up my other projects so that I have a few ready to go.

So yeah that’s it at the moment, I am wanting to get a more streamlined rota going so I know what’s where, we shall see.

Right onto Stitching!!


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