Belated Birthday treats

Hey so I finally got myself a couple of belated birthday gifts from Patchwork Rabbit!

I got myself Scary Mouse to stitch up for my sisters for Christmas but have gone with a different idea now so will be starting to save to get stuff for this as it's so cute! Though I think it might be a while before I do 40ct again so decking small!

The second patten I got is a Lizzie Kate Ltd Cushion. I kinda have a thing for these and already stitched up one but have to still make it into said Cushion! This was bought because as an extra treat I subbed myself the Christmas Mystery sampler and I'm getting everything, so in excitement I bought this cushion. I don't know when I'll stitch it, guess it will be when I get the treats. I'm excited to see/hear more on the mystery sampler though!!