I’m back, back again – update

Hey so yeah, hello again!! I have no idea what happened but I do know now that I remember this little place I'm wanting to use it more. I find you cannot say enough on Instagram (and I hate hate hate trying to remember all the hashtags!) and I did try flosstubing but I just felt so silly talking to nothing, maybe one day I will re-start, maybe as a New Years resolution. We shall see.

So since we've last talked I've done a lot and the I haven't done a lot. I've worked on Prancing Pony when I get around to it but she's starting to become a desk job so I can work on her beading. I am really wanting to make the effort and have her finished by the end of September/early October as I'm away to the other half's parents and I would like to make the effort of getting my sisters Christmas presents done, you know on time lol.

I finished part 1 of Frosty Forest and loved every minute of it, I've moved straight onto the next one which is the deers to the right. Still very glad I autoshipped this!

I finished shed three card kits from the magazines I get on Subscription with the hedgehog coming from the most recent The World of Cross Stitching. I really love getting these monthly and think I will continue to if I find a good deal again. I'm hoping to give the hedgehog to my dentist for his birthday on Monday.

I started Just Big Enough for Love that's all. Currently lost steam as using a bigger sized linen that I'd like and even though it looks super pretty it's sucking up thread like no tomorrow. I'm already on my second WDW background thread and think I'd need a couple of more to finish it! On a plus point once this is finished I know it's instantly going in a frame (once I find one I'm happy with) and I'll be starting another one. Maybe a Christmas themed or Halloween themed or both so I can change them around as this is going to sit on our mantle not on a wall.

I also started this Vintage Style Cushion from The World of Cross Stitching. I'm pretty much in love with everything "granny chic" so it was a must for me to stitch, to be honest I thought I would be Stitching Wallace and Gromet first but I still cannot decide on background fabric!

So I think that's it! I've gotten lost of haul but think that's a post for another day and time. Though I have been thinking about having a master stash page on here of all my "pending" patterns as I'm really wanting to get a system up and running. So expect some heavy hitting info soon!